Thursday, September 06, 2012

Daily Astorian: 28 Astoria High Football Players Face Discipline For Substance Violations

Posted: Wednesday, September 5, 2012 9:05 pm | Updated: 5:59 am, Thu Sep 6, 2012.

Astoria School District officials announced Wednesday night that “because of alcohol and marijuana use during a team sleepover on Aug. 27 at John Warren Field, up to 28 members of the Astoria High School football team will receive disciplinary action,” to include forfeiture of the next three varsity football games, community service, mandatory drug and alcohol education, and forfeiture of the opportunity to win the Cowapa League title this season.Additional consequences may result from a drug and alcohol investigation begun by the Astoria School District, said Superintendent Craig Hoppes. Hoppes also said he has notified local police, who have begun their own investigation.

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Anonymous said...

It would seem that AHS is now another professional sports team. Isn't this what Larry Lockett attempted to achieve for so many years?
Too bad for the poor druggie players who will now amount to nothing, and for their teammates who will forever carry the taint of corruption.
But, who knows, maybe a few of these players will achieve the high status of being a professional footballer for the University of Oregon. There they will, of course not graduate, but they will be able to use drugs and commit assault without penality.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that no one, or at least no one who reads this website, seems to think the situation that AHS fooball players are druggies is bad. Obviously, either we have all become the beer gutted watchers of professional football who are immune to the criminal behavior of our heros at the professional and local level (winning is the only thing) or we expect our prospective heros who are now in high school to be like the pros (druggies and whoremongers).
Is it no wonder that the world no longer respects the United States? Our ethics are non existant.

Anonymous said...

This is really amazing. I would think that drug abuse by AHS student "athletes" would be a local top priority. More important than our DA efforts to take over the municipal court, gill netters, or even Steve Forrester's now common adventures to the opra via the Portland trains and tax deductions.
But, no. There are no editorials, no letters no investigative reports, nothing. Are we. in Astoria; so considerate of drug abuse for the fame or local sports that we are willing to accept this? Obviously, yes.
However, the Daily Astorian can no longer in an ethical world condemn some behaviors while accepting other examples of immoral conduct. Is it time to change media in Astoria?

RiverBear said...

I was disappointed about what happened with the AHS football team, but not surprised. Astoria is "DUII Town".

Read the comments on the FaceBook page YOU KNOW YOU ARE FROM ASTORIA OREGON WHEN ... that joke about Astoria high school kids about having the DUII Attorney on speed dial.

Consider that Astoria's Mayor is a serial drunken-driver who was re-elected after his last DUII arrest.

Consider the refusal by the Mayor and City Council to move DUII cases from a Muni Court, that is effectively controlled by them, to Circuit Court.

Those football team involved in drinking and drugs got off easy. They should have been removed from the team for a season.

Anonymous said...

Astoria is no more a "DUI town" than any other in Oregon or Washington. Kids drink and smoke pot everywhere, it's not exclusively a local problem it's called modern American social culture.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that there are 5 comments here about a problem that is present in our school system, including River Bear/Leon Jackson's "disappointment", while there are 76 comments in the election message including River Bear/Leon Jacksons condemnation of local government and everyone in it. How do we deal with dopers at the high school level trying to become professional college football players, when our citizens, represented by Jackson, disrespect the people they elected to office?

Anonymous said...

I wonder, did River Bear, Leon Jackson ever play sports in high school? Does he know anything about this subject?