Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Coos Bay, Oregon: Jordan Cove Developers Push LNG Project Back To 2011

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LNG developers push back plans to 2011 for North Spit of Coos Bay
By The Associated Press - Oregonlive.com

October 31, 2009, 8:37PM COOS BAY -- Developers hoping to build a liquefied natural gas terminal on the North Spit of Coos Bay have pushed back plans to start construction until spring 2011.

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And Here? Broadwater LNG, Another Sure Deal Dies On The Vine In April Of 2009 And Look Who Stopped it. Wasn't FERC, It Was The State Of New York


Anonymous said...

This might interest you:

Patrick McGee said...

Thanks for that and it shows that simply because FERC approves an LNG Facility Application, it doesn't mean that the project will fly when "The States" and their own interests and concerns play into it.

Anonymous said...

Too bad more people around here don't know about the Broadwater LNG project and its demise ... it shows that with enough determination and persistence LNG terminals CAN be stopped. Broadwater is similar, as well, in that it would have affected two states.

Patrick McGee said...

And closer to us was Humboldt County, California's victory against Calpine,at the time, vrtually,enmasse running them out of the area at a public meeting where everybody showed and forced their hand collectively against LNG development in their community.

Humboldt County,Victors Against Calpine

Patrick McGee said...

Maybe This Will Work