Wednesday, November 04, 2009

GRP Straw Poll Results On Recall Election Replacement Process

Asked the question: Should The Clatsop County Recall Elections Be Successful, Which Would You Prefer As The Process For Replacing "The Recalled"?

Total Participants: 60

A District Vote By Ballot In A Special Election
43 (71%)
Replacement By Selection Of A Quorum Of County Commissioners
17 (28%)


Anonymous said...

As if your poll matters...

Since, as long as there is a quorum, the sitting commissioners will appoint the replacement.

Even if all three of the commissioners under recall HAD been recalled at the same time, the Governor would have appointed someone to create a quorum, so there could be three that would appoint the fourth, who would then appoint the fifth.

Under no circumstance would the replacements ever be put to a vote.

Patrick McGee said...

We are a "Home Rule" County and we make our own rules, it states, I believe and with no specific rule in place, we comply with the laws in place in The State of Oregon and governed by its Constitution and I believe "The State's" position in the Recall Manual is that the replacements are chosen by election in their district.

Maybe you can show me where in the County Charter on "recalls" where it states that, that process will or could never happen.

I don't even think there is specific language that outlines the specific responsibilities for a County Commissioner.