Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Clatsop County Commission On Families And Children Honors Our Young Citizens

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The Clatsop County Commission on Children and Families honored young citizens May 18 at the annual Youth Recognition Awards banquet at the Holiday Inn Express in Astoria.

The awards recognize local youth who have either overcome personal challenges to achieve success, or who have significantly improved the quality of life in the community through some form of service.

Awards were also given out to adults who have made a difference in young people’s lives as “Asset Builders.”

Youth Awards winners:

Abeba Dunsmore, Tongue Point Job Corps Center/nominated by Katrina Morrell Gasser

Eleni Duret, Astoria High School/nominated by Sage and Scott Fitchett

Roland Johansen, Knappa High School/nominated by Peter Fessler

Howie Halverson, KHS/nominated by Peter Fessler

Kris Marley, AHS/nominated by Marilyn North

Trevor Oja, KHS/nominated by Peter Fessler

Cutter Pember, KHS/nominated by Peter Fessler

Danielle Sampson/nominated by Jessica Johnson

Allica Schmoker, AHS/nominated by Rachel Thomas

Jessica Solum, Astoria Middle School/nominated by Kristine Brown

Asset Builder of the Year winners:

Leanne Anderson, nominated by Beatriz Acosta

Hannah Brause, nominated by Chelsey Olsen, Hayley Clark and Annah Miehe

Mark Carlson, nominated by Chelsea Sapp

Nicole Dalton, nominated by Alicia Ann Oman

Charnae Decker, nominated by Randi Harhart

Barb Harn, nominated by Kaitlyn Landwehr

Stanette Klatt, nominated by Natalie Cliffton

Bryan Lempea, nominated by Devin Vandergriff

Pam Marks, nominated by Chanel Kelly

Barbara Schade, nominated by Sarah Nichols

Mary Suever, nominated by Troy Foster

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