Friday, June 03, 2011

Clatsop County Interagency Narcotics Team & Clatsop County Sheriff Make Drug Arrest Of 20 Year Old Mother For Heroin Use, Sale And Endangering Infant

20 year old Mother of a 5 month old Arrested on Drug Charges

Hammond, OR – Clatsop County Interagency Narcotic Team, with the assistance of the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office, arrested a 20 year old mother on Thursday and discovered the mother, of a 5 month old baby girl, had been using heroin in the home she shared with the baby and her significant other Mitchell Simonsen.

Detectives say they received information that Vanessa Troffer was using heroin around the baby and selling the drug from her apartment. A case was developed and Detectives were able to purchase narcotics. The team received information the child was in imminent danger so a decision was made to make immediate entry for the safety of the child.
Detectives made entry at 500 Pacific Drive, Hammond, Oregon and arrested 20-year-old Troffer and charged her with possession, distribution and manufacturing of heroin as well as one count of first-degree child neglect. Scales, heroin, currency and packaging material were also seized. At the time of Troffer’s arrest Simonsen, her companion, was working on Clatsop County’s Inmate Work Crew for a prior PSC conviction.

Troffer’s 5-month-old baby girl was taken into custody by Oregon Department of Human Services, and Troffer was booked into the Clatsop County Jail, bail set at $375,000. Simonsen was violated for probation violation and held at the Clatsop County Jail.

For any additional information contact Sheriff Tom Bergin
Cell 503 791-0072


Anonymous said...

Is this the first or second "big drug bust" made by the Sheriff's drug unit this year?

Patrick McGee said...

Did you ask the D.A. on your visit this morning?

What did he say?

Anonymous said...

Actually, the DA doesn't comment on things like statistics for the Sheriff's drug task force. Interestingly, the Sheriff won't comment in specific terms either. Maybe "COP" will, but he has been very general in his support for the Sheriff so far. There is no reason we should not know how many people have been arrested by the task force, when that happened, what the charges were and where those people are now. There is also no reason not to believe that we get about two "big busts" like this one a year, at a cost of about $150,000 each.
Of course, now that Sheriff Bergin has signed the letter telling marijuana dispensaries that selling dope is a crime, we can rest easy that he and the DA will bust the dispensary in Clatsop County, that is someday.

Patrick McGee said...

Maybe then, you should ask Sheriff Bergin's office to provide you with the actual task force statistical data directly instead of just speculating on an assumption, you think?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Patrick, Bergin's Office will not supply that data. Could you, as a media person for the County Commission, ask for that information at their meeting and them post it on your website? While, I realize the Sheriff is elected so he does not have to provide anything to anybody, asking such a question seems a function of media, and you are an official media.

Patrick McGee said...


ClatsopCop said...

This would be like the 50th drug bust for the Sheriff's Office.

Individual APD officers make arrests but it sure would help if Astoria would quit screwing other things up and join the Interagency Task Force

Patrick McGee said...

What do, you, Clatsop Cop, think is the crux of the reisistence of APD to continually refuse to participate as a member of the CC Interagency Task Force?

Ornery Oley said...

Ok McGee, I'll be a little nicer. A couple more kids, 19 & 22, dealing heroin popped again in a just a few days? Good job Sheriff but we still got a big problem here.

Posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2011 11:33 am

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Drug arrests

At 11:34 a.m. Monday, members of the Clatsop County Interagency Drug Taskforce team arrested Hannah Justine Blecha, 19, and Joseph M. Hawkins, 22, both of Hammond, for unlawful delivery of heroin. Hawkins faces charges of two counts of unlawful delivery as well as two counts of unlawful possession of heroin.

The couple lived together at the Columbia Pointe Apartments in Hammond and said they had been selling heroin from their apartment for about a month, according to Deputy Tim Guest of the Drug Taskforce.

Jim said...

Interesting the reply from Clatsop Cop. I suspect he is really the Sheriff, by the way. He says the task force has made 50 drug busts, but neither the paper nor anyone else has reported anything close to that number. We are more looking at 20 over the past 10 years. He also says that Astoria should join the task force without providing any rationale and will not respond the Patrick's legitimate question about why Astoria resists.
Well, folks the facts are this: The drug unit under Sheriff Raichl was an county unit and under Sheriff Bergin is the Sheriff's unit. A big difference.
The leadership of the unit, which costs over $300,000 a year is now done by the Sheriff.
HIS unit does about two busts a year as reported by the papter and the cost $150,000 each ( if you disagree, were are the case numbers?).
Because there is no coordination with the DA or courts, the arrested druggies either get off or get some plea bargain that results in someone getting deported (only to come back again with a new name) or promising not to do drugs again.
The idea of a Sheriff's drug task force is a very expensive trick by the Sheriff.but should be expected because his only expertise is in drug cases.
We will actually see how good his word is shortly. He has issued a warning to the marijuana distribution business in Clatsop County that selling drugs is illegal and he will arrest them. They continue to sell drugs, but where is the arrest?
Is our Sheriff a paper tiger or a real law enforcement officer? The facts will tell.

ClatsopCop said...

ClatsopCop is not employed by the Sheriff. Astoria PD DID belong for a couple years when Raichl was Sheriff and then the City backed out.
Read the paper and you'll see the dozens of heroin and meth busts made week in and week out by the CCINT

Glen said...

I don't know what paper you are reading, but all these drug busts are certainly not in the Daily A. It reports about two a year. You may have mixed up the task force work with arrests by the Astoria police, since Astoria makes drug arrests all the time. But, maybe the Salem paper has all the task force arrests, since that is where the Sheriff spends most of his time.
Just to get your facts straight, yes, Astoria was in the task force during its most productive time when it was run by the Oregon State Police. Then it was a task force overseen by a board of all the chiefs. Bergin was merely a sergeant doing what he was told to do. Astoria backed out when its budget was cut and the unit's supervision was taken over by the Sheriff. Now, of course, it is simply another unit of the Sheriff's office and is run by the Sheriff. It is also a failure. See any difference?
Astoria is not on the task force because it does not need to be on it to make drug arrests. In fact, joining it would be counterproductive.

Anonymous said...

just so the true is out there, this wasn't a big drug bust. she was caught with 300 dollars worth of drugs and 500.00 dollars in cash. the only thing that made this case bigger then the other 4 drug bust that week is that she has a child. if a 800 dollar bust is a big bust for clatsop county and it cost around 150000 for each one then maybe the taskforce should focus on people that are a little higher up in the drug world

Anonymous said...

the cop is right, if you read the daily A there are dozens of drug bust that happen all the sit here and try to talk about things that you don't know so maybe befor you write your coments do some research and find out some facts so your not completly off base.

Anonymous said...

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