Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Bomb Hoax Evacuates Area Surrounding Merrytime Sports Bar On Tuesday!

Brad JohnstonAstoria Police Department
Hoax Destructive Device
Second Release
DATE OF INCIDENT: May 31, 2011
RELEASED BY: Sergeant Brad Johnston
TYPE OF INCIDENT: Hoax Destructive Device

At about 1720 Astoria Police were able to locate the registered owner of the vehicle.

Kirsten Jorgensen, age 44 of Warrenton. Jorgensen informed officers that the device was built as a joke. The device was sitting upright between the seats and clearly visible to anyone walking by the vehicle. The device was extremely realistic including DuPont labels.

Possession of a hoax destructive device is a class A misdemeanor. Officers are determining if this incident satisfies the elements of the crime. The incident will likely be forwarded to the Clatsop County District Attorney for a determination.

Astoria Police were assisted by Astoria Fire Department, Clatsop County Sheriff's Office, and Oregon State Police.

On May 31, 2011 at 4:08 pm Astoria Police responded to a report of a possible bomb in the passenger seat of a vehicle.

The reporting party had been walking on 10th street past the vehicle and noticed it sitting in the vehicle.

Astoria Police responded and found that the device appeared to be an explosive device. Pictures were taken of the device and sent to OSP bomb squad who gave advice to evacuate two blocks.

They responded.

Based on the advice from OSP Astoria Police informed about twelve to fourteen businesses of the device and most closed and evacuated. Hwy 30 was restricted, Commercial (Eastbound Hwy 30) was rerouted and Marine Drive (Hwy 30 Westbound) was restricted to one lane while resources were marshaled to close it.

While the evacuation and closures were expanding the registered owner of the vehicle returned and informed officers that the device was a hoax designed to be a prank. The device was removed and dissassembled. The registered owner is being interviewed further and all traffic restrictions removed at about 545 PM.


Jim said...

Wow, let's hope this family is from somehwere like West Virginia and makes booze in the woods. How stupid do you have to be to plant a fake bomb in your car in downtown Astoria in this day and age? The proper sentence for this is sterilization. Jeez, how could anyone that lives in this century think this is funny? Dumb, dumb, domb.

Patrick McGee said...

A "Family Prank"?

Anonymous said...

I think they should throw the book at this woman. Make an example out of her. And deliver a puinishment that fits the crime. That would probably be the only way this lunatic will see the errors of her ways.... what a moron.
Book her Dano!

Natashya(the daughter) said...

Hi there i am the daughter from this incident.
A.It was not a prank. It was never a prank. They asked us if it was a prank and we said no. I was 15 when this happened and when I was first given the alarm clock it was two years previous. My crazy grandpa Jay made that alarm clock as a personal family joke for me "the hard to wake up teenager"(if you dont find the humor in that may god have mercy on your soul). After two years of having the absurd looking alarm clock it stopped being noticeable to us, and just became an alarm clock. it was clutter. so we were going to drop it off in our storage unit, but we procrastinated and it sat in our truck for MONTHS, being moved around. This wasn't a prank, it was funny as Hell to me at the time, and honestly still kind of is (not that people were scared but that my mom almost got arrested for possession of an alarm clock). did NOT look realistic in the way it had a giant plug in cord wrapped around it! As i told the police that day while shopping in Astoria, "What am I going to do, walk in to the Marinetime bar and ask for an outlet to blow up their establishment?" Really? Dumbasses.
C. Is no one going to point out that the "pedestrian" was probably thinking about breaking in, because you couldn't have seen it very well walking by since our windows are tinted.
D. oh and fyi we are from Oregon, even Clatsop County. So stop being assholes. Thats my mom, this is one of my favorite memories, and it was funny! even a couple of the cops were laughing!!!