Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Astoria DUII Prosecutions Issue Continues - Did You Know Astoria Municipal Court Is A Court Of "No Record"? Curious To Know What That Means?

A "Court of No Record" versus "Court of Record" may be the key reason for City of Astoria's apparent resistance to complying with State Law.
This fellow gives a very good and enlightening explanation of the two.


Anonymous said...

Patrick. Thank you very much for taking the time to find this and make it available to us. I was certainly enlightened.
I did not realize this is what Josh Marquis was refering to when he described the Astoria Municipal Court as not being a court of record.
I am a bit confused, though, as it appears from this information that the Clatsop County Circuit Court is also not a court of record for all cases.
I thought a court of record was simply a court that uses a stenographer to record the happenings in court. I can see now that just having a stenographer is only a part of being a court of record.
Perhaps there are not so many differences between the Astoria and County courts as I was led to believe.

Patrick McGee said...

Well, good luck with that spin on the two "Anonym".