Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Clatsop Interagency Narcotics Team Arrests 3 Following Drug Investigation

Clatsop County Sheriff's Office - 03/07/2012

Three people were arrested by the Clatsop County Interagency Narcotic Team on Saturday following a drug investigation.

The investigation started approximately one month ago with reports of drug activity. As part of the investigation, Detectives were able to purchase heroin from Ryan Morrissette at his residence 59 W Bond Street in Astoria.

On Saturday March 3, 2012 Detectives received an anonymous report that Ryan Morrissette was traveling to Portland to purchase a large quantity of heroin. Detectives from the Clatsop County Interagency Narcotic Team were able to locate the vehicle on Hwy 30 as it returned from Portland.

A Deputy from the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office was able to stop the vehicle on Hwy 30 at milepost 82 in Knappa. Detectives served a search warrant on Ryan Morrissette and located 16.2 grams of heroin.

Lyndsay Poulsen of Astoria was a passenger in the vehicle; she had a felony drug warrant for her arrest and was found to have 3.1 grams of heroin in her possession.

Brooklyn Edgar of Warrenton was also arrested after possessing 6.7 grams of heroin.

Sheriff’s Deputies then assisted with a search of Ryan Morrissette’s residence at 59 W. Bond Street where an SKS assault rifle was located along with drug paraphernalia, digital scales and packaging materials.

Ryan Morrissette is a felon and is facing possible charges of Ex-con in possession of a weapon and commercial drug offenses.

Please report any suspected drug activity to the Clatsop County Interagency Narcotic Team, 503-861-3051. The team is made up of local law enforcement officers with the primary objective of investigating drug crimes in Clatsop County. The Seaside Police Department and Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office currently have officers on the team.


Anonymous said...

This is awful, the sheriff makes extensive drug arrests in Astoria and the Astoria police don't even help. I would think that at least the Astoria police would have helped the sheriff's people search the houses.
It seems pretty clear that there is a problem between the sheriff and the Astoria city council. Does anyone know what it is?
Maybe the Astoria police should get their own drug team.

Patrick McGee said...

I think somewhere in this, the term "Island unto one's self" seems to come into play as a relevant point you think?

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder if Sheriff Bergin let the Astoria police know what he knew about this criminal behavior (assuming that Sheriff Bergin actually knew what his task force was doing), and announced his enforcement plans. Or, did he simply allow his task force to operate in Astoria without the Astoria Police Departments knowledge, Could the Astoria Police have been conducting an investigation into an even bigger drug network,and was that investigation destroyed by Sheriff Bergin's failure to coordinate?
Let's get all the facts here.

Patrick McGee said...

You have some facts you want to share with us on this "Anonym"?