Tuesday, April 26, 2011

City Of Astoria, 17th Street Pier Replacement; Got Questions?

The 17th Street Dock adjacent to the Columbia River Maritime Museum is a
traditional wooden pier. The City acquired ownership in 1966. It was
expanded to the west in the early 1990s, and extended slightly eastward
approximately 10 years ago. Due to deterioration of the dock and the high
costs associated with maintaining a wooden dock in serviceable condition,
the City has secured funding to replace the dock with a concrete and steel
structure. Engineering and design work is now underway for a modern
dock that will be used to moor US Coast Guard cutters, the retired Lightship
Columbia, and the historic Columbia River Large Navigation Buoy. The
existing floating dock will be maintained within the new dock.


RiverRabbit said...

The City of Astoria is spending millions for a dock that is essentially used exclusively by the Coast Guard. Just down the block is the Port of Astoria, whose reason for existance is to service maritime functions. Why do we have both a City and a Port that are doing the same thing? The City should sell the dock to the Port and focus its attention on the residents of the City. The Port should take this, and all other docks, and fulfill its function, or abolish itself and let some competent agency take over.

Anonymous said...

How much does the Coast Guard pay the city for moorage at this dock?

Anonymous said...

Consideraly less than the cost of repairs. Of course, the Maritime Museum also uses the dock as does the river boats (before they caught fire an sunk).