Monday, April 25, 2011

UFO? No, Freight Hauler!!!!

Notional System Concept
MAS recognize that the world requires a revolutionary hybrid heavy lift Airship to fulfill 21st Century transformation mission requirements. These requirements result in the need for an air vehicle that can provide heavy lift global reach transport of varying weights, sizes and volume. MAS will start with a 50 ton lift vehicle and will base the production of larger air vehicles on future demands; however we have already been queried on a 500 ton lift vehicle. Once the 50 ton vehicle is designed and in initial testing a decision will be made on larger sizes.

The HHLAV 50 ton aircraft proposed operating perameters will be as follows:

 Cargo weight - 70 tons

 Cargo volume - 14 TEU's

 Maximum range - 2000 Nautical miles @ 50 ton payload

 Cruise speed - 80 kts

 Landing zone - 2000 ft diameter circle

 Fuel - Jet-A
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