Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bradwood Landing: 36-38 Miles Of Pipeline Right Of Way - Add 224.24 Acres To The Project Would You?

From John L. Kennedy, "Oil and Gas Pipeline Fundametals"

The average Natural Gas High Pressure Pipeline Right of Way is 50' wide with 35' maintained clear.

So, using this average and an average 37 Mile long NSNG controlled pipeline right of way x 5280 feet = 195, 360' x 50 = 9,768,000 square feet divided by 43560 square feet(acre) = 224.24 acres owned/controlled by who?

Where does the end of that pipeline originate?

From the Bradwood Landing LNG/Storage Terminal facility of course.

So add that 224 acres to that magic, "Bovine Scat", 40 acres NSNG says they are only using and you have 264 acres of physical property under the control/ownership of Bradwood Landing/NSNG.

Small Project?

No way in hell!!!

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