Friday, September 18, 2009

The Old Astor Column Steps Stolen From Public Works Premises?

Police Department City of Astoria
TYPE OF INCIDENT: Theft of old Astoria Column steps
DATE/TIME: 09/16/2009
RELEASED BY: Eric Halverson, Sergeant
On 09/16/2009 The Astoria Police Department began an investigation into the theft of cast iron steps that were removed from the Astoria Column recently for replacement.
The steps were being stored at the Astoria Public Works yard.(Directly across the street from Astoria Police Department?) Several stairs were cut off a section of the staircase. The steps have an estimated weight of 130 pounds and required the use of a torch to cut them loose. The estimated scrap value of the stairs is approximately $70.00, however the historic and sentimental value of the stairs is quite high.
The Astoria Police Department is seeking information leading to the recovery of the steps and prosecution of the suspects. “This was a calculated move on the part of the suspect (s) requiring time, knowledge and specialized equipment to accomplish” said Sgt. Halverson. Anyone with information is requested to contact the Astoria Police Department at (503) 325-4411.


Anonymous said...

Bullshit, I talked to one of the public works people today and he said it flat isn't true someone stole those steps. They are all right where they've been stored at the city shops.

Patrick McGee said...

I was by there today myself and there are plenty of sections of stair left if any were stolen at all.

Saw one section, looked like it had been torched but had rust on the edges.

My question is...How could that happen pretty much across the street from APD?

It would take some pretty serious equipment and commotion to pull that off without somebody at least being curious as to what the heck was going on, in my view.