Monday, September 14, 2009

Oregon Sierra Club - Columbia Riverkeepers Organize Demonstration For Democracy September 23rd, 4:40 PM - 6:00PM In Astoria

Rally against LNG -- Demonstration for Democracy!
Wednesday, Sept. 23rd, 4:30pm in Astoria
Rally from 4:30pm-6:00pm Corner of 9th St. and Commercial in Downtown Astoria

Clatsop County Commissioners are at it again!

Last year Clatsop County Citizens for Common Sense ran a successful referendum campaign that resulted in an overwhelming 2/1 victory for the anti-LNG coalition.

Voters were asked if LNG related pipelines should be allowed in areas zoned for Open space Parks and Recreation (OPR) and the citizens of Clatsop County voted overwhelmingly against allowing LNG pipelines on such lands.

Now the Clatsop County Commission is trying to undermine the vote of the people by re-zoning the OPR zoned land along the pipeline route, reversing the effect of the popular vote.

They are once again doing the bidding of NorthernStar/Bradwood Landing by attempting to wriggle out from under a 67% vote of the people to not allow pipelines on these lands.

We need to gather our troops and show Clatsop County that the people of Oregon demand rightful representation in our government! Please join me and the citizens of Clatsop County for a demonstration for democracy at the next Clastop County Hearing where four of the commissioners will undoubtedly approve the dismissal of a popular vote in an effort to do the bidding of Northernstar Natural Gas and Bradwood Landing.

Folks are welcome to stay and participate in the public hearing that will take place at 6pm. Keep an eye out for more information and reminders as Sept. 23rd approaches!

Please join us to protect the vote of Clatsop County citizens and to protect the Columbia River from devastating LNG developments!

If you are interested in having an informational event held in your town, contact Olivia to plan a forum or presentation!

Thanks to you all for your interest and participation in the fight against LNG and related pipelines. With continued effort and support we will win this fight! If you can't participate in organizational meetings and would like to help the movement to stop these destructive projects please visit or where you can find links to other sites related to LNG and/or make a financial contribution to Columbia Riverkeeper's LNG fund that finances much of our anti-LNG work at SchmidtColumbia Riverkeeper, Oregon Sierra Club & Oregon Citizens Against the Pipelines

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