Thursday, September 17, 2009

Could This Be Warrenton?

Well, it's actually Mystic Seaport Village in Connecticutt but Warrenton?

Why not?

My view is Warrenton is still at a stage where it's not too far gone to insensitve development and planning and can be whatever it wants to be if its citizens, by consensus, deem it to be so.

Why, in the remake of its downtown core, could it not be a Coastal Village in apperance and atmosphere with all current amenities and longterm planning to focus on a vision to take it into its own future?


Anonymous said...

Didn't the Dail Asstorian already cover this just a few days ago?

Patrick McGee said...

You read The Daily Astorian do you?

So, what do you think of Warrenton's visions for its future?

Why don't you take a shot at constructive input just for the hoot?

Anonymous said...

Warrenton's visions for the future aint none of my damn business-though I do not like what I've seen there along the highway with all the development. All thats being built because of all those goddamn Californians moving here. We got along fine here without them for years. No everytime you turn around there's another big box with it;s own traffic lights on the hiway or some sniviling California wingnut telling somebody what they gotta do,

Jim said...

So you are saying Californians came into Warrentonn, overwhelmed Lord Mayor, Boss Hoss, Gil Gramson and forced him to go with all that stuff?

I would say most of the damage done, if any, to Warrenton is being allowed by its own natives because they are too beat down to speak up.

Costco Assistant Manager Jeff Hazen reelected because nobody was willing to run against the little weasel?

Don't balme it on Californians

Patrick McGee said...

Let's stay with the discussion here.


Plenty of flat land, great walking trail potential, great potential on Skipanon Peninsula for development once the OLNG/Leucadia/Calpine/Whatever issue is dispensed with, great access to the river for sport and commercial fishing and still not too far gone into rampant, insensitve development.

A clean sheet of paper and a dream challenge for a creative planner and staff in my view....that is if the commissions and leadership will listen and the people support the plan.

Anonymous said...

So, now the Astorians who are trying to run the County Commissioners out of town want to take over Warrenton and tell it what it should be? It should be like Mystic Connecticutt (in the most expensive state in the nation)? That seems pretty arrogant. Also, I thought you guys supported a persons's right to do what they want with their own property as long as it is lawful, but now you want everyone to know what the plans are and get to comment before anything can happen? It seems you will do what you will. In any case, Astoria will soon be a bedroom community to Warrenton - that's where it's going and that's what should happen due in great part to Astoria's most vocal having an extreme lack of foresight (or an extreme need to exercise power).