Friday, September 18, 2009

The Daily "A": Hazen, Samuelson Recalls A "Go"

9/18/2009 12:32:00 PM

Signatures verified -recall will go ahead; Hazen and Samuelson will stay and fight

By JOE GAMM - The Daily Astorian

Clatsop County will have its second and third recall elections of county commissioners in a little over a year Oct. 27.

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Jim said...

I thought the spin was there was "no way" these outsiders and "Californians" could ever get enough signatures because of the vast silent majority "supporting our commissioners."
How about supporting Dirk Rhone?

Patrick McGee said...

It was all in "The telling" wasn't it?

Seems to me the one's telling us were the Commsissioners under recall themselves.

As far as Dirk Rohne's support, it's still 2 to 1 support from my perspective and probably better at this point.

Roy Bledsoe said...

The silent majority was some bullshit coined by Richard Nixon as an excuse to keep from speaking up and getting beat up by the same crowd for speaking up.

A bunch of chicken shit cowards in my book and no wonder they get trampled on by those willing to take a stand against something.

Patrick McGee said...

Let's temper our language a bit shall we with a little less saltier stuff?